Odebolt Memorial Walk Park

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Information & Order form for memorial plaques

Information and Sample Registration Form
To reserve RV space call
712-668-2231 or  712-668-4103


Rep. Steve King, Honorary Member
Ron Rex, President
Elaine Rex, Sec'y./Treas.

Members: Jack Bensley, Dennis Sukes, Dale Sykes, Duane Buehler,Bruce Henderson, Jan Henderson, Mike Hoefling, Kerry Reinhart, Deb Reinhart, Tammy Neutharth, Janet Leonard, Linda Godbersen, Freida Stehr, and Renee Bengford.

Credit also goes to former members of the Odebolt Memorial Walk Park Board and other active contributors: Steve Hansen, Jon Perrizo, Richard Profit, Mark Bettin, Curt Wareham, John Scholfield, George Dresselhuis, Jane and Jack Hogue, the fifth grade class, 4-H girls and boys, Rainbow Girls, Sac Co. Law Enforcement, the shop boys under Mr.Charles Foy, United Bank of Iowa, Pheasants Forever of Ida County, the City Council, the Chamber of Commerce, the Rotary Club, various clubs around town, and many others.


Memorial Walk Park
A view of Odebolt Memorial Walk Park,
which winds for seven blocks alongside Odebolt Creek.
Photo by Charles Hanson. 

History:  The idea for Odebolt Memorial Walk Park came about as a result of Odebolt Creek Days, a town celebration that started some years ago and is held the third weekend in June.  Originally, Odebolt Creek was dammed up for a canoe race, and in later years for plastic duck races. The Odebolt Development Corporation is the organization that started Odebolt Creek Days. The Odebolt Memorial Walk Park Board now administers and maintains the park.

An idea was formed by Senator Steve King and Freida Veit to clean up the creek.  Plans were to cut down the volunteer trees, widen the creek basin, grade the steep banks to help prevent flooding, and form a park along the creek between 3rd and 8th streets with a sidewalk, lights, benches, gazebos, picnic tables, trees, and berms planted with native flowers and shrubs. A committee of 15 took on the task. A contest was held to name the project, and with Ruth Kelly's winning entry, "Odebolt Memorial Walk Park" was born.

logoGrants from REAP, ISTEA, RACI, and Trees Forever, along with matching funds, were obtained to help get the project up and keep it running. Memorial Plaques to adorn sidewalk squares, benches, light bollards, picnic tables and the gazebos are sold as a way to raise funds from the community. By Creek Days of 2000, the walk was finished to 8th Street. In the Fall of 2000 work began on Odebolt Memorial Walk RV Park at the corner of 6th and Willow Street, to accommodate people visiting Odebolt.

That is the short story. The long story is hours and hours of work and the involvement of many people, from students to farmers to the City Council. The people of Odebolt are a great help in keeping the Memorial Walk Park viable. It is truly a wonderful addition to our town!

Contribute to the Odebolt Memorial Walk Park
 by purchasing a Memorial Plaque in memory of a friend or loved one

Information and Order form for Memorial Walk Park Plaques 

Information and Sample Registration Form for RV Park 

Information Contact:

The park at dusk.  Photo by Charles Hanson.

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